David Haye is a very well known heavyweight boxer who has fought some greats in the past including Wladimir Klitschko and Dereck Chisora. After coming back to boxing after being out of the ring for over 3 years.

Haye has had two fights since his return to boxing. His first fight against Mark de Mori was a walkover for Haye which saw him demolish Mark de Mori within the first round. Haye caught the Australian with a series of heavy blows which hurt him. Haye then waited for the right time then he pounced at Mori which dangerous shots. Haye knocked de Mori out in a brutal knockout which ended his first fight since being out of the ring for over three years. David Haye’s second fight was against Arnold Gjergjag which was very easy for Haye but took a bit more time than his previous fight. Haye knocked the Swiss boxer down with a dangerous right in the first and then continued to nail him with heavy punches. In the final second as the bell rang Haye landed a heavy right hook which dropped Gjergjaj to the canvas. This wasn’t counted as it was apparently thrown after the bell and the Swiss man complained about it apparently being behind the head. Just before half way in the second round Haye knocked his opponent down once again and the fight was called off. The two fights in his comeback have been seen by critics and some boxing fans to have been easy walkovers for Haye. These boxers clearly didn’t match Haye’s boxing standard and so for his comeback he should of really fought some harder hitters, shouldn’t he? Well the boxing fans really think so.

So Haye’s next fight. Haye is set to fight Tony Bellew at the O2 Arena on March 4th in what is a grudge match. Haye and Bellew hate each other there is no doubt about that. Haye is going into a very high level fight, which will be guaranteed to be his toughest test yet. Bellew is a world cruiserweight champion and it will be a tough test for him to see him step up and fight one of the hardest hitters in the heavyweight division. This fight is going to be a huge one for the heavyweight division because both fighters are capable of knocking the other out with a heavy shot. This fight is key for both fighters. It is important for Haye because he has to redeem himself as if he wins he will show the public that he is a top fighter and capable of beating world champions. But even if he does win some critics may turn round and say that: yes you beat a world champion but he is a cruiserweight world champion, you are a good fighter but you didn’t beat a heavyweight world champion, you beat a a cruiserweight. Some people may turn round and say: ok yes you are good but you only won because he is a cruiserweight and he had to move up in weight to fight you. I personally think that if Haye wins it will prove that he is still a skilful fighter but the real test will come if he beats someone like Joshua, Klitschko, Wilder, Parker or Ortiz. I think that he could get a world title shot because of his reputation, for any fighter a fight against David Haye will be a big payday and will be a good test to see how good both the boxers are. This fight is also key for Bellew because it may determine what he does next whether he moves up to heavyweight permanently, vacates his cruiserweight belt in pursuit a world heavyweight title or returns to defend his cruiserweight title and head towards possibly unifying the cruiserweight belts.

The latest news regarding Haye is obviously the news of him and Richard Schaefer teaming up to form Hayemaker Showtime promoters. This is a good move for Haye because even after he  retires from boxing, he can pass on his knowledge of boxing to other up and coming boxers to make them into future world champions. Haye is a very good fighter and he is a former world champion. Richard Schaefer is very experienced when it comes to promoting, he used to be the CEO of Golden Boy Promotions. Golden Boy Promotions are a very successful promotions company who have promoted high level boxers including Canelo Alvarez and Jorge Linares. The combination of Haye’s experience as a fighter himself and also as a promoter as he has always promoted his own fights, Schaefer has a very highly level of experience in promoting and so he brings his knowledge of the more business side of boxing. Haye and Schaefer are sure to be a good combination and together could become a big promotions company who has some to top fighters.

When the news was released that Haye and Schaefer were teaming up, Haye also said he will stop boxing by the end of 2018. He said that he thinks he will have around 5 more fights, two of which he wants to be against Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua. This is a good call by Haye, if he can fight both of them and if he beats one then he could finish his boxing career on a high. If Fury returns to the ring as he has been said to be doing so, then I think a fight between Fury and Haye might be possible because Fury needs to have some other fights before having a possible world title fight. Haye vs Joshua would be a huge fight with Haye previously calling out Joshua I would be a huge payday for both. This would be a guaranteed sell out fight and a career booster for both no matter the end result. If Haye won then he would prove that he still is a top level fighter and if Joshua wins he will prove that he can beat a powerful fighter and someone who is well known. Haye could also fight someone like Luis Ortiz. Ortiz is the WBA world heavyweight title mandatory challenger so whoever wins out of Joshua or Klitschko has to face either Ortiz or Kubrat Pulev who is the IBF mandatory challenger. If Ortiz faces the winner and loses then a fight with Haye would be good for him because it would boost his presence in the boxing world and so help him gain bigger fights for the future.

Haye is very well known fighter from his past fights with Klitschko, Chisora and others. He has the ability to become world champion once again but the question of whether he will be able to get a shot at a title by the time he retires from boxing which will most likely be at the end of 2018.