So it is fight day and not long is left until one of the biggest fights of 2017 commences. Carl Frampton vs Leo Santa Cruz 2.

The first fight was a great one which saw both fighters put on a real show and took the bout the distance. Frampton emerged victorious but Santa Cruz was a real competitor and so a rematch was agreed and now it’s happening.

Carl Frampton. Frampton is a world class fighter who can and has beaten some top level opponents. For this fight against Santa Cruz he said that he is capable of beating him by KO. Frampton is very poweful and fast and is capable of knocking opponents out. His last fight before the first fight with Cruz was against Scott Quigg. This fight was a huge one which gained both Frampton and Cruz a lot of publicity as it showed the world how good of a fighter they both are. Frampton’s fighting style and stance with his wide stance with his left foot forward. He used his jab as he always does and then when he found an opportunity he would throw a heavy right hand which caused Quigg damage. It wasn’t an easy fight for Frampton as he did get caught with some shots which were very powerful. Frampton won the bout by split decision but some say it could have gone either way. That was the bout that put Quigg out of the ring for 9 months due to a broken jaw.

Leo Santa Cruz is a great boxer who has a professional record of 32-1-1. His last fight before the first Frampton bout was against Kiko Martinez. Santa Cruz is such a good boxer and showed this in this fight. He is so fast and powerful and nailed Martinez constantly with fast, dangerous shots which hurt him from the off. He knocked Martinez down twice in the first round. Then in round 2 Santa Cruz go caught off balance and stumbled but did not fully fall on the canvas, which wasn’t really a proper knock down. But his didn’t stop Cruz he kept going and traded a lot, he knocked Martinez down in round two. He showed real power and ability in this fight as he knocked his opponent down multiple times. He finally ended the bout in round five when the ref stopped the bout.

The first fight between the pair was showstopping and I’m sure this fight will be just as good if not better. Frampton will look to use his right hand to damage Cruz, and Frampton has said he can knock Santa Cruz out. Santa Cruz will use his speed and powerful shots to catch Frampton and knock him down and gain points. If the fight ends with a KO I think Frampton will win because of what we have seen him fight like before. If it is by points I still think Frampton to win because he gets quick shots in and moves whereas Cruz wants to trade and throw his fast shots. This fight will certainly be great, I think a Frampton will win by KO. Whoever wins, this fight will be one for the history.