Huge boxing news, David Haye is set to fight Tony Bellew on March 4th.

Tony Bellew’s first successful title defence saw him emerge vicorious. The action didnt end there. Bellew ran straight to Haye who was ringside and started shouting at him and demanding a fight. In the interview after the fight Bellew continued to demand a fight with Haye.

So this fight will be huge. Bellew has been talkimg trash about Haye and I’m sure heavyweight contender Shannon Brighs will be backing Bellew. Haye and Bellew both are fierce powerful fighters. After Bellew callig Haye’s first two fights a “joke” and saying he has been robbing all the people who have paid to watch the fights. I agree with Bellew with there.

So the date and venue is set. March 4th, The O2 Arena, London.

Who will win the bout? I think Bellew will win. I dont think he will take 12 rounds either. Whichever fighter wins I think that it will not go the distance.

One thing is certain this fight will be massive. Any boxing fan is or should be excited about this fight as it isn’t any fight it is a grudge match, Bellew was angry in his bout against BJ Flores and it was down to Haye denying him the fight.