Is Shannon Briggs really going to sue David Haye after the Haye vs Bellew fight was confirmed.

Right let’s go back to start…

Briggs has always wanted to fight Haye, he has taunted and insulted David Haye for a long time. On Briggs’ social media  he continues these insults. Briggs wants the biggest fights.

As you probably know in news released yesterday David Haye is going to be fighting Tony Bellew on March 4th. Briggs is not happy about this. He says he had a contract with Haye and he thinks Haye has violated this contract by agreeing to fight Bellew.

Briggs was set to fight for the vacant WBA ‘regular’ title against Lucas Browne, the date and venue unknown as of yet. Then… Browne failed a drugs test.

Whether Briggs will actually sue Haye is not certain. Nothing is certain except for Briggs being annoyed. He wanted to fight Haye, Haye decided to fight Bellew. He was set to fight for a world title, that also fell through. If he does decide to sue Haye it may delay him getting his world title shot.