So Luis Ortiz is set to fight David Allen on the Joshua Molina undercard. So will King Kong emerge victorious in his second bout in Europe or will the White Rhino gain a victory.

Right, Ortiz 26-0 with 22 KOs very impressive fighter and capable of finishing any of his opponents before the final bell. I think if he wins the bout he will knock Allen out. Ortiz fighting less than a month after his first European bout is ready and knows to get the big world title shot that he wants he needs to beat Allen. Ortiz’s fight against Malik Scott saw Ortiz win by unanimous decision.

David Allen, who is he? He is 8-1-1. His most recent bout was against Dillian Whyte where Whyte won by UD. Allen started boxing professionally in 2012 but has only had 11 fights.

Will Allen or Ortiz come off with the win? I think that Ortiz will beat Allen as he has more experience and is a serious contender for a world title in the future.