So news in yesterday is that Tyson Fury is back in boxing and will be fighting on May 13th against a so far undisclosed opponent.

Tyson Fury left the fight game after pulling out twice from the rematch with Wladimir Klitschko. Fury then went on to admit that he had health issues and that he took cocaine. This caused him to then be stripped of all the belts he won against Klitschko. Tyson then took time off and is now back.

So now he is coming back what can we expect. I hope that he is the same man he was before, he made the fights and the build up to the fights he was involved in, very fun to watch. Many people said that his victory over Klitschko was a fluke and he would not be able to repeat it in the rematch. No matter what anyone says, he won those titles fairly and fought very well. Tyson is a very clever fighter who outwitted Klitschko and fought very tactically. If he returns to the ring with the boxing level which he ended with, I think he will return to the top. I believe that he does deserve his shot at the world heavyweight titles once again in the future.

So who could he fight?

Well to begin with it is very unlikely that he will face someone like Anthony Joshua, Wladimir Klitschko or a world champion. I do hope to see him face a world champion soon though. For a first opponent he has a range of options, after all his return fight will be huge and so will the payday for whoever he fights. So who could he fight first?

Dillian Whyte? Whyte challenged Joshua and was one of his hardest fights to date. Whyte was seen to wobble AJ at one point and is a solid fighter. His most recent fight was a huge against Dereck Chisora. The build up was very intense with Chisora throwing a table at Whyte during the press conference and the pair having a scuffle during the filming of The Gloves Are Off. Then the fight itself was action packed from the first bell till the end of the round 12. Whyte could challenge Fury, I don’t think that Whyte can beat Fury but it would be a great show for Fury to return to.

Luis Ortiz? Ortiz is the WBA heavyweight mandatory world title challenger. Ortiz fought Dave Allen on the undercard of the Joshua vs Molina bout and showed his skill and power. He broke the White Rhino down round by round to get a stoppage in round 7. Luis Ortiz is big and dangerous and would be a tough test for Fury and if Fury emerged victorious he would show he is no walkover.

Kubrat Pulev? Pulev is the IBF mandatory challenger and so if the winner of Joshua vs Klitshcko decides to first defend the WBA strap then Pulev will want a fight to fill that gap. Tyson facing Pulev would be huge for both. Pulev would gain more publicity as whoever Tyson faces, the fight will be huge around the globe. I think Fury would come out on top in this bout due him beating Klitschko while Pulev has lost one bout. to Klitschko. Being the former world champion who didn’t lose his belts in a fight but had them stripped.

Alexander Povetkin? Povetkin was set to face Deontay Wilder, then he failed a drugs test. This was not good for Povetkin as he was one of the best fighters but he didn’t get the shot at the title due to him taking illegal substances. I think Fury vs Povetkin would be a top fight as Povetkin is a top level fighter and is worthy of a world title shot. Povetkin had a real chance against Wilder and so why not against Fury.

David Haye? Haye was most recently defeated by Tony Bellew (Cruiserweight world champion) in a huge upset. Haye sustained a severe injury around round 6 to his Achilles and so struggled move for the remainder of the fight. The things with Haye is that he said in the build up that he would knock the cruiserweight Bellew out quickly, which he didn’t. He didn’t get his injury until round 6 so why couldn’t he finish Bellew before then? Is he not at the level he says and thinks he is? This is the least likely bout in my opinion for Fury as he will be out for some time due to the severity of his injury and so it is unlikely he will be back, trained and ready to fight by May 13th. But this fight is certainly one which could be seen but I doubt it will be seen for a longer time. After all Haye said he only has until the end of 2018 as a professional boxer, and in that time he wants to face both Fury and Joshua.

Tony Bellew? Off the back of a huge win over David Haye, could it be Tony Bellew to face Tyson Fury. Rumours of Tony Bellew possibly retiring fairly soon have been circulating recently. Bellew is more likely to be staying at heavyweight and not return to his natural weight of cruiserweight. This makes sense if he is planning on retiring soon he will want the biggest payday fights. Tyson will be one of the biggest paydays out there. Eddie Hearn has said he wants to see Bellew fight for a heavyweight world title, this could be brought closer to Bellew with a win over Tyson. Tyson would go into this fight as with all his fights, very tactically. Bellew I think would be more careful in this bout because he went into the Haye fight very aggressively and threw lots of heavy shots without much tactical boxing. The fight between Fury and Bellew would be huge with Fury’s return and Bellew staying at heavyweight.


The British Boxing Board of Control have said that Tyson’s license is still suspended and so doubts have casted over him returning in May.