2017 is set to see a huge year of boxing. Kell Brook vs Errol Spence is a fight which will be big for 2017.

Kell Brook is off the back of a loss to Gennady Golovkin. The fight was one of GGG’s toughest tests to date. Kell put up a real fight and challenged Golovkin from the first bell. During round one both fighters threw some heavy shots and did not wait for a few rounds to pass before they tested their opponent. GGG wobbled Brook and then started to be more forward and threw more shots some of which hurt Brook. Round two Kell had more control and threw more powerful shots that connected. Even though Kell’s shots were powerful, GGG’s chin was solid and so he wasn’t wobbled that much. Kell did catch Golovkin off guard and wobbled him. Brook started to show more potential in round two. Round three to begin with Kell fell to the canvas but there was no count as it was due to Golokvin approaching Brook fast and Kell lost his footing. Golovkin saw opportunity to hit and punish Brook but this did not last. Brook started to return fire with some shots of his own as the round progressed. Round 4 was much the same as the previous rounds, both boxers threw shots which were powerful and fast. Kell used his jab well and then followed up by throwing a more heavy shot like an uppercut or a hook. In round five Golovkin was a lot more powerful and dominated Kell landing combinations multiple times. Brook’s team then threw in the towel just after half way through round 5 and the fight was stopped. This fight was a greta one and every though Kell lost he proved that he is a top level fighter who won’t be easily defeated.

Errol Spence’s most recent bout was against Leonard Bundu. Spence won the bout by a brutal; knockout which destroyed Bundu. Spence showed his speed and power throwing hard shots at Bundu which hurt him. Errol Spence is a dangerous fighter who has both speed and power capable of beating Kell Brook. Spence is 21-0 with 19 knockouts. This shows how clinical he is when it comes to knocking people out to finish the bout. Even though spence is 21-0 and has knocked most of them out to win the fights, is he good enough for Kell Brook who is world champion. He may have the power and speed to defeat a lot of easier competitors but Brook is a very good fighter who challenged Golovkin and is capable of beating a lot of top level fighters.

The fight between Brook and Spence is going to be a great one with this fight being important for both. It is important for Brook because he is obviously defending his IBF world title and so if he loses the bout he will have to fight people who are below his level to have a chance at a world title shot once again. For Spence this will be his toughest test yet and so it will be a chance for him to potentially prove his skill level and see if he is a worthy world champion. The fight could be held at Bramall Lane which is the home of Sheffield United Football Club as it definitely happening in Sheffield the home of Kell Brook. This is key for Brook as he will have the support of his home crowd in a world title fight which will be huge. As of yet I am unsure as to who will win but what is guaranteed is that this fight will be a good one.