Chris Eubank’s fight against Renold Quinlan had a controversial build up amongst boxing fans but the fight saw Eubank show his skill.

The fight itself was not very great, it went 10 rounds. If someone had said that fight would go ten rounds I would be been excited. This was not an exciting fight, as Eubank Jr could have easily beaten Quinlan earlier in the bout but he showboated and took his time breaking his opponent down. In training Eubank looked very fast, powerful and overall dangerous but he did not look this way in the fight. He didn’t seem to enough power and skill to knock out an IBO world champion quickly, even though he showed off he didn’t seem to be as high level as some of the other world champion. I don’t think from what I saw from Eubank in this fight that he is capable of beating a fellow world champion such as James DeGale. Eubank is coming out with all of these bold claims saying he could beat various people when I don’t he has shown the potential as of yet to gain a shot at the likes of James DeGale.

Chris Eubank Sr has said how his son is such a great boxer and both him and Jr have said about fighting DeGale. After the fight that DeGale showed in his most bout with Badou Jack, DeGale’s skill level is leaps and bounds ahead of Eubank Jr’s in my opinion. I think that DeGale is worthy of another unification bout but he may have a few ‘gap filler’ fights before then. Eubank is a good fighter but before his fight against Quinlan he has never fought anyone who is at the world level and won. He is 24-1 with his one loss being to Billy Joe Saunders. A current middleweight world champion. Don’t get me wrong I think Eubank Jr should get a shot at a big title like the WBC strap, but not just yet. I think that if he goes in and faces someone like Callum Smith if he wins the WBC world belt then I think he would lose and then he would have 2 losses which is not good because he would not have the opportunities in the future that he could if he waited and won a world title.

Eubank Jr is constantly saying how he is the best and can beat the best but the way he fought against Quinlan did not show this. He has not fought anyone really good to date and won, so all the stunning KO’s which he performed were not so stunning as they were against low level fighters. Eubank Jr could and should have a shot at a major world title which is more recognised than the IBO strap but I think he should wait till at least 2018 for that so he gains more experience. I think he needs to learn how to use his experience as an advantage because had double the amounts of fights than Quinlan but whether purposefully or not he still took his time in finishing the bout. I also think that at present many fighters don’t take him very seriously for all the claims he has made about his so called ‘world class’ ability and has not really shown it. He beat Quinlan, yes, but if he had the power and speed to finish the fight as quick as he could, why wouldn’t he show off his ability and have the chance to fight for a major world title sooner. I do believe he is a good fighter but he needs to be more developed as a fighter to challenge the likes of James DeGale and Callum Smith.