This would be a huge fight to add to a huge year of boxing in 2017. Amir Khan vs Kell Brook could happen and is said to be “closer than ever” to happening.

Amir Khan is a top level fighter with a record of 31-4 he has fought some big names in the welterweight division. His most recent bout saw him lose to Canelo in a fight which wasn’t too difficult for Canelo. During round one Khan used his speed, he threw a lot of fast punches and combinations, he did move in and throw flurries of punches. Canelo was more careful and did connect with a couple of hard left hooks. Round two saw Canelo start to throw more shots as he realised he couldn’t let Khan dominate him like in round one. Khan continued to use his speed advantage, not just his hands but also you could his feet were moving a lot faster also. Khan used his jab and caught Canelo a few times with a left jab followed by a right jab combination. Canelo threw a lot of heavy left hooks and that is how he knocked Khan out. Whereas not many connected at the beginning the power behind them hurt Khan and dropped him to the canvas.

Kell Brook is a top level fighter with his most recent fight being against GGG which he lost. Even though he was defeated he showed real power and ability throughout the fight. He tested Golovkin unlike some of GGG previous opponents. The fight was stopped in round 5 because Brook was too badly hurt and had to have surgery after on a broken eye socket. Brook could beat Khan and could become world champion in the future. During his fight with Golovkin he threw some heavy shots and was doing very well before the fight was stopped. According to Eddie Hearn Brook was ahead of Golovkin on the scorecards. Brook continues to fight even when seriously injured and is capable of beating Amir Khan.

This fight would be huge and would be a guaranteed sell out. All fight fans want to see this and this is very likely to be made. For both fighters this would be a huge payday, it could sell out somewhere like the MGM grand in Las Vegas and would sell huge amounts on pay per view.