James DeGale vs Badou Jack

This fight will be a great one to start off a superb year of world boxing. A unification bout for the WBC and IBF world super middleweight titles between the pair will be a showstopper. DeGale is off the back of a victory against Rogelio Medina and Jack most recently beat Lucian Bute. This fight will be a huge fight for 2017 and could lead to bigger fights. The fight is in Las Vegas on January 14th and is set to be one of the biggest fights of 2017. All boxing fans are excited for this, this fight will bring in a lot of money for the fighters and is a guaranteed to be a showstopper.

Carl Frampton vs Leo Santa Cruz

After their fight earlier this year in July, Carl Frampton and Leo Santa Cruz are set for a show-stopping fight on January 28th. The fight comes after Frampton beat Santa Cruz by majority decision after the full 12 rounds. Frampton is a top level fighter, he is currently WBA super world featherweight title holder. He is a great fighter and is capable of knocking opponents out as shown by his record of 23-0 with 14 knockouts. Cruz is also a good fighter who is 32-1-1 with the loss being to Frampton. I think this fight will be good because after the build up and the actual fight last time, the rematch will be a chance for Cruz to prove that Frampton’s win wasn’t because he is better than him, or for Frampton to show he is the world champion and is better than Cruz.

Chris Eubank Jr vs Renold Quinlan

Chris Eubank Jr is set to fight Renold Quinlan for the IBO world super middleweight title in February 2017. This fight has been heavyily criticised by fight fans for a few reasons. First that Eubank Jr is fighting for a belt that isn’t really a proper world title, it isn’t classed as a title for unification bouts so he could not fight for th IBF belt for example and be a unified champion. The other reason is that it is on ITV pay per view. First of all starting off ITV pay per view with a fight like this isn’t going to be good, Eubank Jr is starting off headlining a pay per view event for a title which doesnt count towards unification bouts and on a new channels pay per view. I think this fight will be easy for Eubank Jr because he is a great fighter who could fight someone who is WBA, WBO, IBF or WBC champion ad have a good chance against them. I dont think many people will pay, what has rumoured to be, the £20 cost to watch the night of boxing. Also as Eddie Hearn said in an interview with IFL TV, the tickets haven’t even gone on sale and the fight is in just over a month, no undercard fights have been announced so I think it will end up having a weak undercard and not bringing in the money expected by both fighters and their respective teams.

Tony Bellew vs David Haye

This is going to be one of the biggest and most exciting fights of 2017, Tony Bellew vs David Haye at heavyweight. Haye who returned to the ring earlier this year has been criticised for having returning to the ring and fighting two people who were complete mismatches. Bellew who is a cruiserweight world champion is moving up to fight Haye in a grudge match. This fight is a grudge match, no questions asked, they hate each other. What happened after the Bellew vs Flores fight where Bellew insulted David Haye in front of the whole crowd. Both fighters really wanted this fight and it was made it will be huge for 2017. I think Bellew will have a good chance in this fight because of his anger towards Haye. After Haye backed Flores to beat Bellew and after Haye not just saying yes to fighting him, I think Bellew will fight hard, he will stay up as long as possible. The only problem with fighting with immense anger is that he may lose control, he might lunge in and try to trade with Haye. The problem is that if Haye lands a heavy shot, it will drop Bellew and he won’t be getting back up. But saying that it is the same for the other way round, Bellew could drop Haye with a heavy shot. This fight will be a huge one during a big year of world boxing

Anthony Joshua vs Wladimir Klitschko

As far as heavyweights are concerned this is the big one. Anthony Joshua is underfeated at 18-0, is a great fighter and one of the best boxers in the heavyweight division. He is facing one of the legends of boxing, Wladimir Klitschko who is 64-4. He is a household name and known worldwide, he is was the unfied heavyweight champion. Until Tyson Fury beat him in a huge upset. Now the Joshua and Klitschko are set to collide in a huge bout in April 29th. Both fighters have a respect for each other and realise how big of a fight this will be. Joshua hasn’t even fought a third of the times Klitschko has a good chance of winning the bout. Klitschko is at advantage with his masses of experience which he has over AJ. But AJ is younger and has been fighting a lot more, Klitschko has been out of the ring for over a year. I think this will cause an advantage to go Joshua’s way because he is ready and prepared and has been preparing for fights throughout the year whereas Klitschko has not.

Possible fights

Kell Brook vs Amir Khan

This would be a great fight to add to the massive year of boxing in 2017. Brook is off the back of an impressive display against Golovkin, even though he lost the fight he demonstrated real power and skill. Khan most recently lost to Saul Alvarez, or Canelo as he is known, which saw him get put on the canvas after being hit with a brutal right hand. This fight would be a big for 2017, the welterweight division is good but there isn’t many interesting people outside of the ring. If this fight happened the build up would be immense.

Heavyweight unification

So Joshua is facing Klitschko for sure and it is definitely happening. After that though could there be another unification bout. Joseph Parker might face any of Joshua, Klitschko or Wilder. And of the them could face each other also. Wilder hasn’t been under the limelight recently but a bout with any of them would lead to more publicity. The winner of AJ vs Klitschko facing Parker or Wilder would be huge, with a couple of the belts already being unified in the Joshua Klitschko bout then more could be unified or there could be two unified champions who have all of the belts and could fight each other.