The latest news in the boxing sphere is all about Tyson Fury and possibility of a return.

The rumours aren’t just rumours any more, Peter Fury confirmed that Tyson is back in training. He said that we could see Tyson back in the ring as early as April.

Why did he leave? Well it was all started with the Klitschko rematch. He was set to face him but he pulled out with an ankle injury. So the rematch was postponed but both fighters apparently still wanted to fight. The next date was set for 29th October. Then it was once again postponed, this time it was because he was declared “medically unfit”. Fury then vacated his WBA and WBO titles as he stopped boxing. Then Fury admitted he had been taking cocaine and had his boxing license taken off him.

What does his mean? Who will he fight? First of all just because he is probably going to return that does not mean he is getting a world title shot straight away. Almost certainly not. As long as he doesn’t make a comeback against the stand of people like David Haye did, I think he will sell out. It’s almost guaranteed he will face someone fairly big, maybe undefeated but nobody special. I think he will fight and get back in the business for a good three to four fights before either a world title shot or a fight against someone who is a world class boxer.

Who could he face in the future? After having a few “warm up” fights he could face a world champion or a world class fighter. After all Tyson did beat Klitschko in one of he biggest upsets of the decade. Fury could face the winner of showstopping bout between Anthony Joshua and Wladimir Klitschko. Especially if it was Klitschko that would be a huge fight, if it was Joshua it would be huge but not as big as Klitschko because of the pair’s history. He could face Deontay Wilder for the WBC belt, Wilder is a great fighter who would be a tough test for Fury. Joseph Parker could be an opponent to Tyson, the newly crowned world champion could be a good fight for Fury. It would receive huge publicity and both fighters would have a large payday. David Haye is also a possible competitor. Now he has officially returned to boxing, he could face Tyson. Borh would want the fight, it would be guranteed to sell out, and would prove whether both fighters are just talk or can back the talk up with skilful boxing ability. He could also face people like Luis Ortiz who is the WBA ‘super’ belt mandatory challenger who will face the winner of Joshua vs Klitschko. Ortiz would be good for Fury because if the winner of Joshua vs Klitschko decides to face Kubrat Pulev as he is IBF mandatory challenger then the WBA belt may be up for grabs as they may be stripped of the belt. The whole dilemma is that whoever wins the AJ vs Klitschko has to decide which belt they would rather keep. I think if Wladimir wins he will defend the WBA ‘super’ belt and risk having the stripped from him. Therefore if Klitschko faces Ortiz then Fury could face Pulev for the what would might be the WBA ‘super’ belt. If Joshua wins I think he is more likely to defend the IBF belt because that was his first world title and so has more meaning. If he does so and faces Pulev then “The Gypsy King” could face Luis “King Kong” Ortiz. Either way fighting Pulev or Ortiz if he can would be huge for Tyson.

Whoever Tyson faces and even if he does or doesn’t get a world title shot, his return will be massive. Fury is a controversial character and is always fun for boxing fans to watch especially in the build up to the fight. Fury is a solid fighter who could be world champion once again one day. Whether he will be able to beat someone like Joshua or Klitschko again is unclear. Was the first victory over Klitschko a lucky one-off? I think it might have just been Tyson’s night and not Klitschko night. If the rematch did happen I think that Klitschko would have won.