This was one of the most exciting rivalry’s and fights in the past decade.

Going into the fight with Quigg, Frampton was 21-0 and was the IBF World super bantamweight champion. Frampton is a hugely popular fighter from Belfast, Northern Ireland, who is set to fight Leo Santa Cruz in the rematch on January 28th. Frampton is a fighter who doesn’t back down and constantly returns shots. Frampton threw heavy shots in the fight where he won the IBF title. The fight was stopped in round five after Frampton slaughtering Avalos. Frampton is fighter who most boxing fans from the UK love, he is a fan favourite and everyone gets behind him.

Scott Quigg has always been a good fighter with a record of 31-0-2 going into this unification bout with Frampton. Quigg was the WBA World super-bantamweight champion and he could’ve beaten Frampton. Both fighters were fairly equal in term of ability going into the fight but Quigg did have a major experience advantage. Scott Quigg had been world champion for 3 years compared to Frampton’s nearly 2 years. Quigg was a well known fighter being a world champion going into the fight and still is a well known fighter but after losing to Carl Frampton and being out of the ring with an injury he has become less known.

The fight between Frampton and Quigg was highly anticipated and all boxing fans wanted it to happen. After a long wait with both fighters wanting the fight realising it was the best next move for both boxers. A unification bout for any fighter is going to be huge, all fighters who want bigger and better fights will jump at the chance of having a unification bout. The idea of a unification bout for both Frampton and Quigg was great but the negotiations and what each fighter demanded were where the problems occurred. As with most boxing fights, the boxers want to make the fights happen but the negotiations and the wants of both teams are different so the negotiations break down. The negotiations eventually succeeded and the fight was made for February 27th in Quigg’s home town at Manchester Arena. During one of the press conferences at the face to face Frampton blew a kiss at Quigg which was met with the same stern expression that Quigg had been modelling the whole time.

The fight

So after all of the build up the fight happened.

Round one was slow with both fighter finding their range and Frampton primarily using his jab to find his range. Quigg was on the defence from the off, Frampton threw quick punches and connected with some of them. During round two Quigg started to catch Frampton when he was static and caught him with a combination. Frampton continued to use his jab and started to bring in a left hook and try to connect using fast shots. Round three saw both fighters throw more combinations and become more confident in the bout. Quigg started to throw some more punches and return fire on Frampton’s quick jabs. Frampton also started to use his right hand and started to swing it but nothing major connected and caused any serious damage. Round four saw Quigg hit Frampton with a right followed by a l2eft which made him stumble backwards onto the ropes but before Quigg could throw anymore shots Frampton had moved. Frampton started to relax more and use his right hand more than previously, while I think Quigg was still more tense. While Frampton had his hands lower but still ready, Quigg’s hands were always by his head and didn’t move. In Round five Quigg showed how he is more of a naturally defensive fighter but he did start to throw more shots and relax in this round. Quigg waited for opportunities and capitalised on them and threw shots which landed including a left hook followed by a right hook which connected. Throughout round five Quigg picked opportunities and pounced on Frampton, both fighters started to throw more punches and the fight began to live up the the pre-fight hype. Round 6 wasn’t great, it was more of the same, Frampton using his jab and throwing the occasional hook and Quigg then firing back sometimes with a few shots. Frampton was on top because hw as throwing more shots and connecting with more. Round 7 was more interesting with both fighters throwing combinations and more shots. Towards the end of the round both boxers traded some damaging shots which connected. During round 8 Frampton was hit with a solid left hook followed by a right hook which was thrown hard and fast by Quigg. While Frampton continued to land punches, Quigg returned fire with a few shots of his own. Round 8 saw both figghters step it up as they realised they needed to land punches to gain points. Both started to throw some heavy shots but no all of them connecting, fight getting more interesting. During round 9 Frampton started off well and connected with a powerful left hook to Quigg’s head. Quigg got Frampton on the ropes and nailed him with some hard shots, Frampton was always on the move, looking relaxed and using his jab to look for oppurtunities. From when the bell went during round 10 Quigg was off and threw big punches which were dangerous but failed to connect and Quit kept trying to get Frampton on the ropes and hit him with a range of punches. Frampton used his jab to defend against Quigg and try to keep him away because it he got in at close range then he could connect with a heavy shot. Both fighters started to throw some more hooks and uppercuts but not many connected. Quigg really started to attack Frampton and put him under pressure and tried to nail him with a combination.  In round eleven Frampton was hit with a hard right hand and it hurt him but he managed to hold and slow down Quigg. Through the rounds Frampton held and slowed down the fight more and more. Quigg realised that he needed to get points and so started to throw more punches and let himself go a bit more, while Frampton continued to look for chances to pounce. Round 12 saw both fighters go at and throw anything and everything that they could. Quigg especially stated to throw lots of punches as he knew if he didn’t then he would lose the fight on points. Frampton fought well but got hurt when the pair came in close and when Quigg forced him onto the ropes and threw combinations.

The result came in and Frampton won by split decision. I think this was the right decision but I think Frampton should have won by unanimous decision because he deserved the victory because of how cautious Quigg was in the early rounds while he connected with punches. If there had been some more rounds so Quigg had more time to throw heavy shots as he started to do as the rounds progressed then I think it could have gone the other way. Frampton fought very well and used his jab to defend himself while Quigg always had his hands on his head protecting it and his punches seemed more forced than Frampton’s. Frampton was very relaxed and that showed with the way he fought and ultimately led to victory.