Tony Bellew is an up and coming Cruiserweight world champion ut his next fight is at Heavyweight against David Haye. After winning his world title earlier this year Bellew has wanted to Haye fight and this fight got made and is happening on March 4th.

Previous fights

Ivica Bacurin

Bellew dominated Bacurin throughout the fight and threw some very heavy hooks which connected and caused damage. Bellew started to fight be finding his range and used his jab and right hand and to catch Bacurin off guard. In the third and the fourth round Bellew hit heavy shots but did not lunge in and risk being caught with return shots. Round five saw Bellew make Bacurin fall to the canvas but he got back up and made it to the end of the round. Bacurin was hit with heavy shots to both the body and head in the seventh and eighth. Bellew started to get frustrated that he couldn’t knock his opponent out and began to start trading. Bellew caused the stoppage in round 10 when he hit Bacurin with a huge uppercut and the ref stopped to fight.

Arturs Kulikauskis

Bellew had a fairly easy fight against Kulikauskis and managed to end the fight in round five. Belew was trying to knock his opponent out in round two and three by throwing heavy right hands. Bellew became frustrated with how his opponent was not returning fire and was staying defensive with his hands protecting his head. Bellew then threw his left hand before throwing his right in the fourth which meant he could land the heavy right after the left. Bellew had Kulikauskis on the ropes and was hitting him with flurries of heavy shots throughout the round. Round five saw Bellew pound Arturs with combinations and completely dominated him which caused the fight to be stopped by the ref.

Ilunga Makabu

This was the big fight for Bellew: He faced Ilunga Makabu for the vacant WBC cruiserweight title. The fight was highly anticipated after Bellew being a star in the latest movie Creed where he fought against Adonis Johnson. The poster and advertisements for this fight against Makabu were titled “The real life Rocky story”. This fight certainly was worth all of the hype and it started to live up to the build up from the first bell. Bellew was knocked down by a straight left but it was clear he hadn’t been properly hurt as he fell backwards and did a full backwards roll and got straight back up. Bellew knew that if he lunged in a tried to trade shots he wouldn’t win the bout because Makabu was very strong with counters. Bellew hit Makabu with some heavy shots through Makabu’s guard which hurt Makabu. In the second Bellew landed more painful shots and hurt Makabu. The third was when he knocked Makabu out, he caught Makabu with a dangerous left hook and then he was urged but he crowd to take a risk and throw more shots, this is what he did and caused makable to fall onto the ropes in a brutal knockout. Bellew was now WBC Cruiserweight champion.

BJ Flores

The fight with Flores in Bellew’s first defence was crucial to him getting his next fight with David Haye. Bellew fought Flores who was backed by Haye and he dominated Flores. The first round saw Bellew get hit with some shots which were heavy and connected just where Flores wanted. The second round was completely different though, Bellew knocked Flores down three times, after each of which BJ Flores got back up. Flores was knocked out by Bellew in the third in what was a domination by Bellew in round two and three. After the fight it go interesting. As soon as Bellew won he ran straight to David Haye and began a verbal assault on Haye. It was clear the fight Bellew wanted next was Haye and he was annoyed for two reasons: Haye had backed Flores to beat Bellew and also that Haye wouldn’t agree to fight him.

Strength and Weaknesses


Bellew is very strong when it comes to trading shots as he has a solid chin and can take heavy shots without being knocked down. Bellew has a dangerous right hand and when combined with his left also he can knock opponents out with one shot.


Bellew isn’t great when it comes to knowing when to trade and when to be careful as shown in his fight with Makabu. Bellew is a great fighter but I think when it comes to his fight with Haye I think he needs to be careful because if Haye lands a hook or uppercut, Bellew will be knocked out, no questions asked. I think Bellew isn’t great when it comes to dodging as he isn’t as small and agile as some other cruiserweight so slipping and dodging punches which he can counter isn’t as easy as for some other fighters.