Mayweather Pacquiao was a serious and intense rivalry and it ended in a sold out fight which had insane build up to it.

So as with any rivalry here in Boxing HQ, let’s start from the beginning. Both fighters have wanted to fight for a long time but have pretended not to want it to the press. This fight has always been a huge payday for both fighters so no wonder the fight happened.

It took many years for the fight to happen and the build up was immense. The fight was talked about for years with Mayweather being one of the best pound for pound fighters there was. Mayweather vs Pacquiao made sense as it was one of the biggest rivalries every..

The negotiations for the fight were starting to heat up and the fight was apparently meant to be in March 2010. The problems occurred when Mayweather wanted the fight 154 pounds with 10oz gloves but Pacman wanted the fight at 145 pounds with 8oz gloves. The negotiations broke down when this happened as there were too many requirements by each fighter which opposed each other that the fight couldn’t be made at that time. Team Mayweather accused Pacquiao of using performance enhancing drugs and demanded he had a blood sample taken before a possible bout but Manny refused because he said it would weaken him during the fight. Pacquiao then took legal action against Mayweather claiming the accusations were damaging to him. Top Rank’s Bob Arun declared the fight off and the two didn’t look like they would be meeting in the ring anytime soon.

During an interview with Showtime Sports, Mayweather said “Let’s make this fight happen” referring to a bout with Pacman. Mayweather wanted the fight after being offered $110 million by a group from UAE led by a boxing executive to fight Manny. Mayweather said “May 2nd”.

The group from UAE who offered $110 million withdraw their offer because they were disappointed that Mayweather neglected the offer and wasted millions of dollars in the process.

Both camps agreed that the fight would happen at the MGM Grand on May 2nd and reports suggested that money would be split 60-40 in favour of Floyd. Manny announced the fight negotiations were almost finished and an official announcement could be made by the end of the month (said on Jan 12th 2015). Bob Arum then told Yahoo Sports that the only thing stopping the fight from happening was Mayweather’s decision. The fight was ready to go ahead. Mayweather then offically announced the fight on his social media. Mayweather vs Pacquiao, May 2nd 2015, MGM Grand.

The actual fight came around and everything was set on May 2nd. The first bell went and from the off Floyd controlled Manny and was always on his tail. Mayweather used his right hand throughout the fight especially his jab which he caught Pacquiao with a few times. And also his right hook was dangerous with his power if connected caused real damage. Floyd started to fight more aggressively than usual but Pacman was more careful and tried combinations when he felt it was the right time to do so. Pacquiao used his left hand to hit Floyd with some heavy shots of his own which caused a Floyd to be rocked especially in round 4. The left hand of Manny was dangerous and caused some real damage and problems for Mayweather due to the power and technique used by Pacman. Pacman was on the back foot throughout the fight with Floyd controlling him. Mayweather won the fight by unanimous decision and he deserved to. This fight wasn’t as expected, the hype didn’t bring the all swinging and dangerous fighting boxing fans wanted to see.

I don’t think a rematch will happen between these two because both are past the point of a rematch. If Floyd does return to boxing I think he shoulf fight McGregor in a ‘super’ fight. Floyd may return to the ring to get his record up to 50-0 and so a fight with McGregor may do this and it is a guraneed huge payday.