After leaving the ring for over 3 years David Haye returned in January of this year for his boxing return.

Previous fights

Wladimir Klitschko

Back in 2011 Haye fought Klitschko where he defended his WBA belt and fought for Klitschko’s IBF, WBA ‘super’, WBO and IBO heavyweight titles. Haye lost this fight by unanimous decision but he didn’t fight particularly badly. This was when Haye was at his prime as he was fighting the best of the best and fought quite well. Even though he lost this cause him to then be able to fight the biggest and best and his name became more known.

Dereck Chisora

This was another big fight for Haye, against Dereck Chisora, at Upton Park. Haye knocked Chisora out in round 5 after a dominant fight. This fight was also historical for Haye as it would be his last fight for nearly 4 years. Going out on a win was crucial for Haye as he is known for beating Chisora and being a world champion and fighting Klitschko.

Haye then took time out for 3 and half years and returned in January of 2016.

Mark de Mori

Haye’s first fight in his return to the ring was against Mark de Mori. Mori was a no opponent for David Haye, Haye demolished him completely and knocked him out in the first round. Mark de Mori had absolutely no chance against Haye and this was a complete mismatch.

Arnold Gjergjaj

Haye again had another easy fight, admittedly the fight wasn’t as easy as his first since his return. Haye knocked Gjergjaj out in round two and dominated him throughout the first round. This was another mismatch and people were not happy about Haye again facing an opponent who did not stand a chance in the fight.

The return

Boxing fans did not like how Haye fought two very easy and unknown opponents who he walked over. Then idea was that in front of a sold out crowd they would see some competition and a decent fight. Haye’s next opponent (Tony Bellew) said that he Haye had been conning the British public since this pathetic comeback of his. Bellew was known to approach Haye after he beat BJ Flores for his first cruiserweight world title defence. He went straight to Haye and started to say things about his return that some people agreed with. Haye’s return was not the fireworks expected as he fought two people who were easy to beat for someone of his standard. I think if Haye either gets a title shot or fights a big name and wins, he could be world champion once again but if he keeps fighting boxers who stand no chance then I don’t think he will have get a shot at a title.