Part 2

In part 2 we are going to look at what happened in the fight itself and who deserved to win the bout.

So, we’ve heard all about the build-up to the fight and what happened at the press conferences and the Gloves are Off. Now the actual fight.

This fight wasn’t the best fight I’ve seen, I must say. There was a lot of grabbing and holding throughout the bout and it was more about tactics than throwing lots of punches.

Both Fury and Klitschko threw some punches but they were all mainly jabs and crosses, they threw quick punches. There were very few big punches which are associated with the heavyweight thrown as bot fighters knew they could be knocked out by a counter. Tyson was always moving ducking and staying on his toes and was constantly hunted down by Klitschko. Throughout the bout there were several occasions where they would grab and hold each other and while holding throw some heavy shots. Fury was a serious contender throughout the fight and did fight very well and proved that he deserved a world title shot. He was questioned as to whether he deserved a title shot with his reputation but the way he fights in the ring is completely different to his behaviour outside of the ring. Fury fought very well and caught Klitschko on multiple occasion. Both boxers fought the bout tactically, there was no big swinging and missing. In round 12 both fighters proved how much they wanted to win. They both started to swing big punches and threw more and more shots so they could gain points on the scorecard. Then the fight ended.

The commentators had Fury to win on their cards. When the result came in that Fury had done it, he was the new Heavyweight champion it was electric. Klitschko was as respectful as always and came over to shake all of team Fury’s hands. I think Fury did deserve this result because he fought better than Klitschko. He landed more shots than Klitschko and was always on the move looking for opportunities to throw a punch. Neither fighter connected with more than 100 punches which is very rare and for a world champion to land not much more than 50 is very unlikely. This was not an easy fight for Klitschko, I think going into the fight he thought it would be easy with the way Tyson behaved outside of the ring. I think the unanimous decision was correct because with more punches landed, and always looking for chances he should have got the victory.

Part 3

In part three we are going to look at what happened to do with a rematch and Fury vacating his belts.

So, the fight happened, Fury won and Klitschko accepted that he lost. Just 10 days after the fight Fury was stripped of his IBF belt because of the rematch clause in the fight agreement with Klitschko which meant he could not fight the mandatory challenger: Vyacheslav Glazkov before the rematch with Klitschko happened. Then came the rematch. A rematch was agreed and the fight date was set for the 9th of July. Then Fury got an ankle injury and the fight was postponed. How injured Fury was, was questioned but a new date was set for October 29th. The fighters were ready both were fit and ready to see a fight which would be very historic. Then came some problems.

In August, Fury was charged with a doping offence and was set to have a hearing for the violation in November. Then Klitschko said he would take Fury to court to make sure the rematch takes place. I think this was fair from Klitschko because of his age, he wants to fight the big fights and to have a chance of winning he needs to fight sooner rather than later. Tyson was then declared medically unfit and was unable to fight the rematch so the fight was postponed again. Fury was declared medically that he couldn’t fight so there was no way he could fight. This was seen by the boxing community as very bad, the underdog champion was seen to have the biggest fights in the heavyweight division lined up. It was very sad to find out Fury then vacated his belts because of his health. There was no other way around it. Klitschko was going to take him to court to make sure the rematch happened. He would have most likely been stripped of his belts had he not vacated them himself and vacating the belts is a much more honourable and respectable way to lose the belts. I think if Fury returns to the ring he will return better and stronger and could contend for and be world champion once again.