This was one of the biggest rivalries in the last decade and the fight itself was a historic fight.

The rivalry began well before the fight at the press conferences. Fury turned up to one press conference in a batman costume! After the stunts Fury pulled boxing fans thought he would be anialayed by Klitschko. Fury was very cocky during the build up to the fight and during the gloves are off this was shown again. Klitschko did not fall to Tyson’s level, he stayed calm and remained the same person. Fury outside of the ring was a completely different person to inside the ring.

The Gloves are Off was an insane episode because it was a for a huge fight for mutiple world titles. Fury was a loud and cocky as ever but Klitscko again did not react. I think Fury thought that if he got inside Wladimir’s head so he thought Fury would be an easy fight, he could maybe catch him off guard. Wladimir Klitschko has been around a very long time and is a legendary boxer. He knows how to pick opponents apart and choose his shots wisely. Outside of the ring the way Fury acted was questionable as to why he acted in that way. During The Gloves are Off Fury specifically tried to taunt Wladimir and get him annoyed. Klitschko was calm because he thought he knew that he could beat Fury.

For the fight analysis and what happened to do with the rematch will be in part 2 and 3 which will be released soon.