The big news is that Chris Eubank Jr is going to be fighting Renold Quinlan for the IBO super-middleweight title.

Renold Quinlan is not as experienced as Chris Eubank Jr but is still a decent fighter. With a professional record of 11-1 and off the back of a victory against Daniel Geale. Quinlan has only had 12 bouts compared to Eubank Jr’s 24 which is double. I think Quinlan will fight well but I don’t think he will be able to match the standard of Eubank Jr. Quinlan isn’t very well known so there isn’t much information about him but he is said to be a promising up and coming fighter.

Eubank Jr is a top quality fighter and under the coaching and help of his dad (Chris Eubank) I think he will do very well. Eubank Jr’s last fight was against Tom Doran on the Joshua vs Brezeale undercard. This fight was a walk-over for Eubank Jr he defeated Doran in 4 rounds. Eubank Jr is a critical fighter and is capable of being world champion. He hasn’t fought for a while as he has been injured but I think he will return with a bang! Eubank Jr wants all the biggest fights and I think if he wins this fight he could go for another world title and challenge people like Badau Jack and James DeGale. Eubank Jr is only 27 and is a very skilful boxer and if he keeps progressing I think he could be a unified world champion.

This fight is going to be a good one for sure as I think both fighters will really want it. They both want to prove that they are someone and whoever wins will have more doors opened to them so they can get bigger fights in the future. I think Eubank Jr will win this fight because of his extra experience with double the amount of fights that Quinlan has had. I think Eubank will knock Quinlan out because Eubank will most likely have a better training camp and with his father’s experience he will be able to assists Jr to victory.

If Eubank Jr does win the fight I think he will go onto bigger and better things. I think that because of the reputation he has, he will be able fight big fighters like  or George Groves if he decides to go up to super-middleweight and progress on from there. If Quinlan wins I think he will have a chance at getting bigger fights but it will be harder for him as he isn’t as well known.

The fight is going to be the first ever fight on ITV box office. ITV box office should be good as anyone can access it as longs they pay whereas with sky box office you have to have sky to access it. I think ITV box office will be successful but this fight isn’t a very big fight so I dont think it will take off as some are expecting. Whereas if a big heavyweight bout was on ITV box office such as Joshua vs Klitschko I think ITV would make a lot more money.