Gennady Golovkin is set to fight Daniel Jacobs at Madison Square Garden on March 18th. This will be a good fight but whether it will be as big as Brook vs Golovkin I’m not sure.

Daniel Jacobs is the current WBA middleweight champion and will be one of if not the hardest test Golovkin has had so far. Jacobs is 32-1 and his loss being 6 years ago, and he is a very skilful fighter. His most recent bout was against Sergio Mora in what was a rematch. The first fight saw Jacobs destroy Mora in and KO him in round 2. The rematch went on longer but Jacob’s still dominated the fight. He was all over Mora and landed some heavy shots. In round 5 Mora fell to the floor as his leg buckled and it was classed as a knockdown but he got back up. Then was almost instantly knocked back down again which he wasn’t hurt he fell to his knees and his Mora protested he was pushed but the count was heard, the fight continued. In round 6 Mora hit Jacobs with a hard shot but Jacobs wasn’t affected and then Jacobs fired back with his own shots and Mora fell to the canvas and got back up once again. Then in round 7 Mora was knocked down three times and on the third the fight ended. Jacobs showed real skill in the way he picked apart Mora after all the times he got back up of the floor. He showed in that fight that he is worthy of being a world champion. Not only is Jacobs the WBA middleweight champion he is also t

Then we have Gennady Golovkin, one of the best pound for pounds boxers there is. He is the WBC, WBA and IBF middleweight world champion and has an undefeated record of  36-0. His last fight against Kell Brook was a showstopper. He defeated Brook in round 5 with Brook’s team throwing the towel in due to him taking too much damage. The fight was a good one but it could not have gone on without Brook having serious problems after the fight ended. Apparently up until the end of the fight Brook was ahead on the scorecards, even if he was and the fight did go on longer I think Brook would have been seriously hurt and/or knocked out. Golovkin is a great fighter and he has defeated some great fighters in the past but can he get past Daniel Jacobs.

This fight will be a good one as both fighters have similar records and both have been involved in big fights. Jacobs is a great fighter who knows when to throw the punches and has some serious power but when met with the power and speed of Golovkin I don’t know if he will be able to handle it. Golovkin is known to be a critical fighter who picks apart opponents and has KO’s many people in his career. I think this fight is in America at Madison Square Garden because it is where the most money is. For both fighters this fight is a huge payday and they can sell out a packed arena.

I think Golovkin will win this fight because of his ability to use his power and speed and catch his opponents. His record and him being undefeated proves that he is definitely not a walk-over but neither is Jacobs. Both fighters will put on a great show and this huge unification bout will be one for the history books.

If Golovkin wins this fight I think he could go on to fight Canelo or maybe Billy Joe Saunders either fight would be huge for Golovkin either a unification bout or a fight against Saul Alvarez (Canelo). If he loses I think he will fight Alvarez still, if he loses he is still a great fighter and one of the best, Alvarez isn’t a current world champion so I think the fight could still happen. If Jacobs wins the fight I’m not so sure he could fight Saunders in a unification bout but I think he is more likely to defend his titles a few times before a complete unification bout. If he loses I think he could fight Canelo or someone who isn’t as good. If GGG loses I think there will be a rematch which would be huge to see him fight the only opponent who would have beaten him.