This fight which happened back in 2008 was a huge one, it was when Haye was a Cruiserweight and fighting of the WBA, WBO and WBC Cruiserweight titles.

This fight was a good one even though it only lasted 2 rounds. It started with Macarinelli catching Haye with a left hook and sending him backwards with a bit of a wobble. Haye was particularly and still is dangerous with his jab and uppercut. Then Haye used his jab and caught Macarinelli a few times and hit him with a left hook to the head. Both fighters used their jabs primarily and didn’t really lunge in and throw huge punches. In round 2 it got more interesting. Haye hit Macarinelli with a left jab followed by a huge right hand which wobbled Macarinelli. Haye then started to close the distance between him and his opponent but was caught with a left hook to the body so was more cautious once again. And again Haye connected with a dangerous right hand which hurt Macarinelli. Macarinelli then used the left hook to the body once again. But that was not enough, Haye hit him with a right hand which made Macarinelli stumble and almost fall down but managed to stay up by leaning on the corner/ropes. Then Haye threw several heavy hooks with both hands and made Macarinelli fall to one knee. He managed to get back to his feet but he stumbled around the ring when trying to walk and the ref called the fight off.

This fight was so big because not only was it for several world titles it was to prove who was really the better fighter which Haye proved he was. I think the reason Haye won this fight was because he doesn’t just have power in his big swinging punches he also has power in his jab and has some serious speed also. He is a critical boxer who picks opponents apart and is very tactical when doing so. I think Haye was better at Cruiserweight as that is where was world champion and at heavyweight with the extra weight I don’t believe he will be as successful.