First, let’s talk about Dillian Whyte. After his points win over Chisora recently he is starting to be looked at for possible big fights. His next fight will most likely be against Chisora in a rematch. After fighting AJ in fight which lasted 7 rounds he showed he has a solid chin and wobbled Joshua with some heavy shots. Whyte Chisora was a big fight after the build up and tension between the pair. A rematch could headline it’s own night of boxing.
Dereck Chisora, even though he lost to Dillian Whyte he did show potential and skill. The points decision was controversial as with any decision everyone has their own view. Chisora has fought some big names in his career and this fight was a boost for him to go onto bigger things. Chisora always was a good fighter and he could fight some big names in the future after a possible rematch againsy Whyte.

Hughie Fury has developed a reputation in my opinion because of Tyson Fury. Hughie could face some serious fights in the future and is a good fighter. Whether he would have been as successful and had so many good fights if he wasnt related to Tyson.

Overall the heavyweight division is starting to be very interesting. The heavyweight division was a very busy division and with people like AJ, Fury and Klitschko it is guranteed to see some big fights.