Carl Froch vs George Groves was one of the best rivalries of the 21st century. From the tense pre-fight build up and both of the fights these two are serious rivals.

Lets go from the start. Froch Groves 1 was not as tense and did not have as much build up as the second bout but it was still big. This fight saw Froch defeat Groves by the ref stopping the fight controversially. Groves was seen to stumble and was hit with some heavy shots from Froch. The referee stopped the fight as he saw Groves stumble and saw that he was getting hit with multiple shots. This was extremely controversial. Groves was booed into the arena and cheered out. Some said that the referee should have let the fight go on a bit longer to see if Groves could last it out. Some say it was the right decision as if Froch caught him once or multiple times with more heavy shots that could have caused serious problems for Groves.

Then came the rematch. The build up to this fight was insane. From the press conference to the face-off these two hated each other. The Gloves are Off displayed the aggression both felt towards each other. The handshake was key to display the tension which has built up. They both shook hands but didn’t want to, Groves then pulled Froch’s hand so Froch fell forward and then Froch did the same as Groves. Then the fight was also fantastic. It took 8 rounds for the fight to finish and Froch KO’d Groves. The fight was one which was much more tactical than the first. Both fighters picked there punches carefully and did not lunge in as much.

I think that this rivalry and the two fights were ones which will go down in history. Froch was the World Champion and Groves was a young talented fighter who seriously tested Froch.