The return of Scott Quigg saw a good fight which was just an easy comeback bout for Quigg.

Quigg fought Cayetano who is now 20-5 after last night’s fight did not go down easily and so this comeback fight was now walkover. Quigg put on an impressive performance showing the skill of a former world champion. After a tough 9 months out of boxing, this comeback performance was very good.

When people return from having time out, they usually fight someone who is easy and can be KO’d within a few rounds. Quigg used his jab to catch Cayetano off guard and when his hands dropped he was ready to hit him with a combination.

I believe that Quigg deserved to win the bout as he showed real power and speed. He didn’t lunge in and try  to hit Cayetano with a flurry of punches he was careful and picked his punches carefully. Quigg had his huge comeback and now he will hopefully go onto bigger and better fights.