There was immense build up with incidents at both the Gloves are Off and the press conference. Whyte and Chisora weighed in at different times and there was no face to face at the weigh in. The stage was set for the highly anticipated.

After all the excitement and build up, was the fight as good as expected?

It was better than expected. Most boxing fans want to both fighters swinging big punches which are capable of knocking their opponent out. That is exactly was we saw. Chisora was hunting Whyte down from the first bell, always closing the distance between him and Chisora. Whyte held his ground though. Chisora did wobble Whyte a few times through the whole fight and Whyte threw some heavy shots also. I think the use of the jab by Whyte was key in him winning the bout. Whereas he picked his shots carefully, Chisora kept getting up close to Whyte and threw heavy uppercuts and hooks.

The judges ruled by split decision that Whyte won the fight. I don’t personally agree with this scoring. I had Chisora winning the fight because he made Whyte stumble and caught him with some heavy punches which hurt Whyte. Both fighters put on a impressive display of power and showed they both have solid chins.

This fight was an edge of the seat bout and deserved all the hype and live up to it all. Both fighters hated each other during the Gloves are Off and the press conference. During the fight the pair showed a bit more respect. At the start of round 12 the pair even touched gloves! This was good to see as it shows that even with the tension in the build up, both fighters have some respect for each other.