That was a huge fight.

Joseph Parker emerged victorious by majority decision. It was close a fight.

Parker used his jab and caught Ruiz multiple times using his reach and height advantage. Ruiz who was thought to be a faster fighter did not use the jab and speed as much as Parker. Ruiz controlled the centre of the ring but he only punched Parker when in close. Ruiz constantly closed down the distance between him and his opponent and hit Parker with hooks. Ruiz is a solid fighter and showed that he has a strong chin as he was hit with some hard shots and wasn’t wobbled. When they pair came very close to each other they both traded some heavy shots which I think is how Ruiz mainly scored points and the way he was always moving in on Parker  and controllingthe centre of the ring.

I think Parker did deserve the victory. He didn’t jump in, he picked his punches and used his reach advantage to win the fight. I think the decision was right because it was a good, close fight but I do think Joseph Parker showed that he is good fighter and is the new WBO heavyweight champion.