This is going to be a huge fight. It may be all out throwing punches and trying to batter each other in 1 minute or they may take the fight more carefully and pick their punches, either way this fight should keep you on the edge of your seat throughout.

Last night, the gloves are off was aired. Form the off both boxers showed how much they really hate each other. Whenever one told a story about the two of them, the other would say it is all a lie and rpely with something completely different. They both ripped out of the other and tried to get in their head. Chisora was a lot calmer than Whyte. It was a repeat of as we saw in AJ vs Whyte – Gloves Are Off, whenever Whyte got annoyed at something Chisora said, he replied with a suggestion about fighting before the date – a backstage brawl/street fight is what was implied. I think this is what makes Whyte seem un-sportsman like, as he just offers his opponent a street fight. This Gloves are Off was a tense one for sure and then tension built up and ended feriosiously. Chisora called Whyte a “goat” and Whyte replied with “you like one now”. That was when hell broke loose. Chisora threw water at Whyte and Whyte then threw is glass at Chisora. This ended in both becoming heated and according to Johnny Nelson there was a scrap. In an interview Dillian Whyte said that Chisora apparently tried to bite his chest. There are also rumours that Whyte threw punches and Chisora tried to head-but Whyte but nothing is confirmed.

Then there was the press conference today. We were expecting a tense presser, this wasn’t just tense it was dangerous. As expected both traded insults, but one particular thing Whyte said got under Chisora’s skin. It was when Whyte was saying something about what what happen after the fight, trying to scare Chisora. Chisora banged his hand on the table. Then, he lifted the table up and threw it at Whyte. This was insane. I think that what Whyte said was out of order and he shouldn’t say that but throwing a table? I also don’t think that was the best response. I understand that Chisora would be annoyed and why he threw the table and I think Whyte did completely provoke it by taking the insults to the next level. After all this there was obviously no face-off and Eddie Hearn said there won’t be as they can’t be trusted to be in the same room let alone being less than a yard away from each other. Hearn also said that their weigh-ins will be at different times or even so far as to a different venue. The precautions have to be so extreme so that they aren’t in the same room until the fight on Saturday.

So how will this fight go?

This fight is set to be a showstopper. The fans want to see them both go at it and throw lots of punches and try to KO each other as quick as possible. Depending on what happens, or if anything happens before the fight between the pair, this may be the way they go. Or one of they might try to be calm and pick their punches carefully. We won’t know until we heard the sound of the bell on Saturday.

My prediction hasn’t changed, I still Chisora will win this bout only because I think he is a lot calmer and has been involved in bigger fights so he knows how to handle himself better. I think Chisora will KO Whyte after round 6. If the fight is all both fighters just swinging punches constantly and not really many tactics involved I think it could go either way, as both boxers have the power to KO any opponent. But if it is more tactical, which I think it will be, I think that Chisora will break Whyte down and win the bout. I think Whyte is a good, solid fighter but he does throw some big swings (hooks and uppercuts) which if dodged I think will leave him vulnerable to KO.