Latest news int he bxoing sphere is that Josh Warrington and Matchroom Boxing have parted ways.

Warrington is 28-0 and is one of, if not the best featherweight’s in the world right now. In an IFL interview Eddie Hearn said that it was a “business decision”, this wasn’t a case of them having an argument and parting ways. Hearn says it was because they had different opinions on who Warrington should fight next.

Josh Warrington is a great fighter who is capable of being World Champion one day. Hearn thinks Josh should fight the biggest fighters as soon as possible. He said how Warrington’s last fight didn’t help him a great deal.

I think that Warrington parting ways with Hearn was a good move for both parts. For Josh it means he can get the fights he wants and what he thinks are right for him. And for Hearn it means he does not have to argue with Warrington over who he should fight which could have ended in an unhappy split.

If Warrington continues to fight the way he has been fighting he should have a shot at a world title.