This fight should have been good.

Saunders and Akavov are both solid fighters who are capable of knocking their opponent.


They didn’t

It wasn’t a great fight. It did go the distance but neither fighter performed as expected.

The fight was average, it was nothing special. Even though BJS won this was disputed by many. Some say he should have lost, as it was won on points everyone can have their own opinion.

I think that BJS did just deserve the victory. He didn’t box particularly well but he was better than Akavov. He was constantly on the move and looked gor oppurtunities to capitalise.

After the fight BJS himself said he think he didnt fight well. He said he doesnt deserve the GGG fight if he continues to fight like that. The BJS vs GGG would be a big fight, if the two world champions met it should be a good fight. But saying that I and some boxing pundits predicted this to be a showstopper, and it didn’t go as predicted.