So a few months ago lots of people were talking about ‘super’ fight possibly happening between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather. Those rumours died down.


They have been reignited.

Big news today is that Conor received a boxing license which meant he could have a boxing fight in California. This fight would be huge with Conor demanding $100 million (£80 million) and Mayweather, well just being Mayweather, the payout would be huge this bout actually happened.

Will it really happen.

It could happen. Floyd is all about the money and so is Conor. But if the conditions that both fighters demand aren’t met then they won’t take the fight. With Mayweather retiring on 49-0 he may want to  return to make it 50. If he did he would return for a fight which would go down in history which saw a double weight UFC World Champion face a Floyd ‘Money’ Mayweather.

I think it is not that likely to happen. This is because all of the conditions that both fighters will want to be a adhered to may cause issues. As seen with the Mayweather Pacquiao fight which took months of negotiations and talks to make it happen.

If, it is a very big ‘if’, this fight did happen who would win. Even though Conor has to obviously do a lot of boxing training for UFC. I don’t think he will win. The build up and publicity this fight would receive would be immense. I think that Mayweather would beat Conor with ease. He is a world champion fighter and even after retirement the skill and technique he possesses is not something that can be learn in a few months.

I want this fight to happen. Most people want this fight to happen. This fight would be huge and I think both fighters want this to happen. Floyd wants it for the money and to get 50-0. And Conor, well Conor wants money and to have a reputation which lives up to him being ‘Notorious’.