The huge fight between David Haye and Tony Bellew is happening. The first press conference was today, was it a civilised press conference?

Absolutely not.

Haye and Bellew dislike each other a lot. Haye didn’t just have a go and insult Tony Bellew, also Eddie Hearn. He said that Hearn made everything all about him and said he should focus on promoting the boxers. He then went on to say that he preferred Eddie’s “old man” (Barry Hearn) as he focused on promoting. He said that Hearn’s main priority was getting his name first at the top of the promotional poster where it says “Eddie Hearn and Hayemaker Promotions proudly present”. Haye thought that he was right but Eddie did try to defend himself by talking about the money that Haye was getting for the fight.

When it comes to face to face.

This was explosive.

Both Haye and Bellew traded insults and argued as expected. But when they came face to face. Head on head. Bellew pushed Haye. I think that Haye may have provoked this. Bellew shouldn’t have pushed Haye but I don’t think Haye was innocent. Haye definitely wasn’t innocent. Replays of the footage show that Haye through a punch at Bellew. Now that is a step to far in my book. And a lot of other people books.

This press conference was one of the most tense and violent press conferences I have seen. This fight on March 4th at The O2 Arena  will be a showstopper.