So Billy Joe Saunders is going to be fighting Artur Akavov for the WBO world middleweight title. On the 3rd of December the pair will meet in Paisley, Scotland for Saunders’ title.

Billy Joe Saunders is one of the best fighters at middleweight, also pound for pound he is in the top 10. BJS thinks he should be in fights with people like Kell Brook and Gennady Golovkin. I do agree with Saunders, he has fought his way to the top and he deserves to have the best fights as he is in terms of titles the second best fighter in the division.

Artur Akavov of Russia is 16-1 a solid fighter and is off the back of his most recent bout against Todd Manuel. Akavov is a good contender but I think he wont be able to match BJS’s level. Billy Joe Suanders is not pushover.

This fight was meant to happen on November 26th but was delayed. This is the second delay in Saunders’ title defence, the first being down to an injury BJS suffered. And now it got delayed another week because the paperwork had trouble being translated for Akavov into Russian. It is certain to happen on December 3rd and it will be a showstopper.

I think that BJS will win this fight as he has more experience with an extra 6 fights under his belt. If BJS does win this fight I think he will knock Artur Akavov out as he has the power combined with his fast hands which means danger for Akavov. I think Akavov might be able to last for a few rounds but I don’t think he will be able to survive the whole fight.

BJS vs Akavov will be a fight which all boxing fans should be excited about.