Rumour in the boxing sphere is that a fight between Carl Froch and Gennady Golovkin might happen.

If this happens, this is a guranteed huge fight. Froch’s latest fight before retiring against was Froch Groves 2. That was a showstopper which saw Froch emerge victorious. The rematch was highly anticipated after the debatable decision on Froch stopping Groves in the first bout. Golovkin’s most recent bout was just as big as Froch’s. Gennady Golovkin vs Kell Brook. The sold out O2 arena saw GGG beat Brook in round 5.

So will this fight happen. On paper this is unfortunately unlikely. As much as everyone would love to see it, I think it won’t happen.


If this fight did happen, it will be insane. If Froch came out of retirement to fight the dangerous world champion this would be one for the history books.

Who would win?

I think Froch would beat GGG. Whoever wins I dont think would take 12 rounds as both men have serious power. As Froch showed against Groves when he knocked him out. And GGG against Brook when he broke his eye socket and stopped him early.

I hope this fight does happen, if it does it will hopefully be in 2017. If so 2017 may see Froch’s return to face GGG, AJ vs Klitshko in the spring. 2017 will be certain to see some big boxing fights.