Tony Bellew’s fight last week against BJ Flores was explosive. Not just during the fight but after the fight.

Bellew fought well throughout the whole fight and in my opinion dominated BJ Flores. Flores swung some punches and landed some combos but it wasn’t enough. Both fighters showed determination but Bellew had the edge and extra ability to win the fight before the final bell.

After the fight ended the situation escalated quickly, after the referee ended the fight, Bellew ran straight to David Haye at ringside. Bellew tried to get near him but was stopped by security. I think part of what drove him to victory was his anger, he was clearly annoyed at how David Haye is friends with BJ Flores. Bellew started to talk about Haye and how he would fight him.

The question of whether Haye will actually fight Bellew is an unanswered. Bellew said he would put “10oz gloves on” and fight him at heavyweight. This is a fight that the fans want to see, the boxers want to fight in. As Bellew said, he likes money, Haye likes money, the fight makes sense.

This fight could be one of the biggest fights next year. After Bellew’s historic victory at Goodison Park earlier this year any fight he is involved in is major and any fighter will earn a large sum from fighting Bellew.